Why Patients See Us

There are a number of reasons why people come to MIlton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. The biggest reason being some kind of pain or symptom, such as neck pain, low back pain, headaches or sciatic pain down the leg.  Also, some people come to see us not because they have a symptom, but because they wish to prevent problems from occurring. In fact preventative health care is fast becoming more recognised as we look to avoid the ailments that our family and peers have suffered or currently suffer from.  Another reason people come to see us is to reach a more optimal level of health. Chiropractic isn't just about symptoms and their prevention, but also about wellness and vitality. By reducing irritation to the nervous system caused by subluxations or misalignments of the spine, the body is able to optimally function the way it was designed to, improving our energy, our health and our overall life quality .

Who Sees a Chiropractor?



Below is a list of some of the "pain" reasons patients come to see us:

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain



Sports Injuries