Dylan Dyer, DC

Dylan Dyer, DC

Pembroke, MA Clinic

Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc.

Dr. Dylan Dyer practices in our Milton Chiropractic - Pembroke, MA clinic. Dr. Dyer graduated with his Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management from Daytona State College and continued to Palmer College of Chiropractic in sunny Port Orange, Florida for his Degree in Chiropractic.

While in school, Dylan served as President, treasurer, and member of multiple school clubs including, but not limited to, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Thompson Drop Technique, Graston, and Grostic. Dr. Dyer was a constant source of information for fellow students who wanted to learn the just-the-little-bit-extra information that vastly improved patient care.

In his personal time, Dr. Dyer is commonly painting Warhammer figures or engaging in nerd activities like pen-and-paper roll playing games. An unabashed nerd and lover of science he can commonly be found reading books about how to help patients reach the next level of wellness or learning the rules to some new complicated game.