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Patient Questions About Chiropractic Telehealth Visits



Q1: What really is a Chiropractic Telehealth visit?

While Chiropractors are not able to perform adjustments without the patient present in their office, they are able to communicate with patients regarding their symptoms, assess the patients progress, address issues, and offer at-home remedies and exercises along with other help for the patient, all while the patient is in the safety of their own home.

Telehealth augments rather than replaces in-person treatment in the Chiropractic world where treatment is hands-on. Follow-up treatment, home treatment plans, questions and answers and consultations are all areas where telehealth can add value.

Using this type of technology can also help patients establish the confidence they need to care for their musculoskeletal conditions, learn from their Chiropractic Doctor and make healthcare more accessible. 

Q2: What do patients think about Telehealth?

There are a number of reasons fueling the Telehealth revolution, first and foremost being the benefits it offers patients. For these patients, being able to consult with their doctor from the safety as well as privacy and comfort of their own home, with no need to travel out is a very attractive option. Telehealth gives patients greater freedom to schedule appointments in a way that meets their own needs, and allows them to receive care where they are most comfortable. As an added benefit, TeleHealth can also help lower the cost of care, making access to quality healthcare a reality for all.

Q3: How does a Chiropractic Telehealth visit work?

It is quite simple and convenient for the patient.  It starts with a call to the office to set up a Telehealth visit or set up on-line. Once scheduled, you will be reached out to by email with the time of your visit, as well as the secure video call link (Milton Chiropractic uses the platform).  Instructions such as exercises may accompany this email.  When its time for your visit you simply click on the link, check-in, and your Chiropractor will be there to lead you through the visit. Watch how to log in to your Telehealth visit.

Q4: What happens in a Telehealth visit?

Your Chiropractor will start the telehealth visit the same way as your regular in-clinic visit.  A check-in, review of your symptoms, what you have done since last patient visit and any changes to your health history is commonly discussed.  This will be followed by some range of motion movements among other tests you will be directed to perform to assess your current state objectively.  Finally, home care as well as therapeutic exercises and stretches, will be taught and then performed by the patient.  Any other concerns and need for a follow up will close out the visit. Watch how to prepare for your telehealth visit.


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