Auto Accident Care

What A Chiropractor Can Do For You After An Auto Accident

man holding his back in pain

Car accidents can cause you a fortune in auto repair bills and insurance. They disrupt your day by delaying you from reaching your destination and slow down traffic for everyone, but they can be disruptful for more than just one day.

If you've gotten into a auto accident and are experiencing pain from that accident, it's important to seek professional care. While a medical doctor may not be able to provide you with treatment options such as medication, a chiropractor can provide treatment that can help relieve the pain you are currently experiencing, speed up the healing time of the injury, and help to correct any underlying musculoskeltal dysfunction this injury could leavce you with. 

Treatments A Chiropractor Can Provide After An Accident

After performing a complete history and thorough examination that may include imaging<

  • Spinal adjustments and palliative care modalities such as interferrential, heat and ultrasound
  • Myofascial or Manual Muscle Therapy 
  • Corrective Exercises and/or Physical Therapy.  Either through a designated home exercise program, therapeutic exercises in clinic, or a referal to physical therapy.  We make sure your injuries are resolved and strengthened to prevent symptom recurrence.