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August 22, 2013
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According to the American Chiropractic Association, backpacks are the leading cause of pain among children and adolescents.

But some local doctors are reaching out to help ease the ache.

The Doctors at Milton Chiropractic say a few simple adjustments can save your child from pain:

- Place heavy items on the bottom, close to child's back
- Padded straps are best
- Wear both shoulder straps at all times.  Use the waist or chest strap if it has one.  It helps to distribute the load.
- Carry only essentials
- Not all backpacks are the same size.  Make sure it fits the size of your child correctly. The "pack" should not be larger than the area between the base of their neck and the top of their waist.

And MIlton Chiropractic has one final tip. "You're seeing the kids and they're literally hunched over, so one of the thing that researchers have suggested is that children's backpacks should not exceed over 15% of their overall body weight."