To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

April, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 08)
Chiropractic Care: An Important Component of Your Lifelong Health

Life circumstances often arise that can cause your spine and other joints of the body to become stressed and thrown back out of alignment. Did you know you could benefit from regular spinal checkups - just like you benefit when a dentist cleans your teeth or a mechanic changes the oil in your car? Regular chiropractic maintenance can help you avoid major problems before they happen.

Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Healthier Eating Starts Now

Weight Loss the Right Way

The Sensible, Simple Route to Slim

Bad Choice

Back Surgery – Too Many, Too Costly, Too Ineffective

Keep Them in the Game

Preventing ACL Injuries in Female Athletes

Shape Up for Spring

Many of us struggle with consistency, and that starts with our focus on working out regularly. Let's change all that starting today. After all, spring is just around the corner, bringing with it warmer, longer days, more sunshine, and with all that, a spirit of renewal and growth.

Have a Heart: Foods
to Avoid and Embrace

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes: three of the primary causes of death in today's Standard American Diet (SAD) culture. Fortunately, the common cause is also the solution, with a recent study implicating specific foods as culprits in the disease epidemic.

Time for Change: Pain Relief Without Opioids

A recent invitation-only press briefing by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress was as important as it deserves to be, considering the topic and the opportunity to expand awareness of the chiropractic profession's role in preventing and managing chronic pain.

A Good Book Is Good for You

If you read a book today, you may live longer, and you don't have to read an entire book every day to reap the health benefits.

Stress Could Cause Weight Gain

Stress isn't good for your health, pure and simple, and research continues to prove it. Let's look at the latest research on stress and weight.