To Your Health Newsletter

To Your Health Newsletter

June, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 13)
Summer Travel: Protect Your Back

School's out for summer, which means vacation time for many families. That's generally a good thing when it comes to health and wellness, but travel can actually cause health problems, including lower back pain. Spinal health can be compromised when flying or driving, whether you're on vacation or traveling for business. Here are some great ways to help prevent low back pain this summer or whenever you travel.

Healthy Living

Hands-Free Technology? Not as Safe as You Think

You Can Give Cancer the Boot

Fight Colorectal Cancer With Folic Acid

Teaching Healthy Eating Habits

How to Deal With the Picky Eater

Healthy Living

Hands-Free Technology? Not as Safe as You Think

Surviving Breast Cancer: Think Low Fat

Breast cancer is the ever-lurking disease women (and the ones they love) fear. More than 40,000 women in the U.S. die of the disease annually. Fortunately, even if diagnosed with the disease, a woman may be able to increase her survival odds by consuming a low-fat diet, according to new research.

Have a Heart: Help Your Teens Get Enough Sleep

Can heart disease start as early as your teen years? The troubling answer is yes, and for a reason you might not realize. Teens who don't get enough sleep on a regular basis are more likely to have hypertension (high blood pressure), one of the risk factors for heart disease, not to mention other health issues.

Listen Up: Good Food
Is Good for Your Ears

Yes, you heard it right: Good food is good for your ears, more specifically your ability to hear well as you get older. Recent research findings appearing in the Journal of Nutrition suggest consuming a healthy diet may help prevent age-related hearing loss. Let's look at these exciting findings a little closer.

When Medications Cause Depression

Certain medications, many of which are available without a doctor's prescription, can actually increase the risk of depression.

Can Exercise Help Beat Depression?

If resistance exercise is a part of your regular routine, your chance of experiencing symptoms of depression declines.