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By Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc.
September 17, 2014
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Neck PainIf you recently experienced a car accident in Quincy, we know how scary the experience can be. We’re glad everyone’s OK. However, during all the chaos it can be difficult to notice any injuries or problems you might have experienced as a result; however, as the shock wears off you might experience some pesky neck pain. And we all know that neck pain is, well….a pain in the neck!
This problem, however, is one of the most common ones after a car accident. However, waiting to see if the pain goes away on its own is a bad idea. Plus, why suffer through discomfort when you can get the treatment you deserve? If you’re dealing with neck pain in Quincy, here’s what we can do to help you get back up and moving in no time.

Advanced Treatment

Through a thorough examination and state-of-the-art imaging technology, we can pinpoint the exact cause of your neck discomfort in Quincy. For you, this means faster relief of those annoying symptoms.

Corrective Exercises

This is a handy one, as you can do this right in the comfort of your own home. Better yet—we’ll teach you! We have created some core exercises to help correct and strengthen spine and neck issues. We’ve seen these exercises work on countless patients, and now you also can correct neck problems in Quincy by following these specific stretches and exercises.

Physical and Massage Therapy

We’re lucky to have partnered up with two great teams: Massage Works and Bay State Physical Therapy. Depending on the problem, we might recommend you utilize one of these wonderful services. Admit it—who doesn’t want to be told by their Quincy chiropractor to get a massage?

Other Services

There are so many other supportive services that we offer that could help increase your neck mobility and bring you back to pre-accident health. These other services include ultrasound, moist heat therapy, cryotherapy, cold laser therapy and a paraffin bath, to name a few. They can compliment your treatment plan and speed up your healing process.

Call Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc. Today!

Don’t let an auto accident in Quincy leave you with pain and discomfort. Fight back! We’re ready to help you make a full recovery. Call us today at (617) 471-4491. Share your experiences and the process you took in recovery here!
By David Smith, DC
September 17, 2014
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Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care

Sports injuries can occur during the participation of any athletic activity. In order to remain active, it is important to stop them before they start. ToSports Injuries help you further protect yourself from injury we have provided a few helpful chiropractic prevention tips for our Quincy area patients. Let’s take a look.

What types of injuries do sports cause?

According to the American Chiropractic Association, “the more commonly injured areas of the body are the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, and spine.” The resulting sports injuries are stress fractures, strains and sprains, and tendinosis.

Stress fractures are minuscule breaks in the bone that are the result of too much pressure applied to the area or repetitive application of pressure to the same area. Patients are likely to see these injuries in the bones of the lower leg and the foot, as these are weight-bearing areas.

Strains occur when a muscle or tendon has been stretched too far, sometimes to the point of tearing. They are frequently seen in the lower back, as well as in the hamstring. Through chiropractic care, you can find relief from your back pain and strains.

Tendinosis, also known as chronic tendinitis, can be present in many areas of the body. This inflammation or irritation of the tendon is commonly called tennis elbow, swimmer’s shoulder or jumper’s knee, among other names.

How can I prevent these injuries?

The simplest answer is to know your body’s limits and to consult your Quincy chiropractor before beginning any new exercise regimen. If you’re just starting to add physical activity to your daily routine, it’s best to start slow and work up to more intense workouts as your body adjusts. Many sports injuries very often occur when you do too much, too fast, as your body is not yet ready for this type or level of activity.

Changing up your routine is another good way to prevent sports injury. By working the body in different ways, you are avoiding overuse of certain muscles as well as the repetitive actions that frequently cause stress fractures and tendinosis.

Additionally, using the proper equipment and making sure it is in good condition is key to avoiding sports injuries. For example, runners should replace their shoes as soon as they start to feel them breaking down. Cyclists must be certain that their tires are properly inflated and that all gears are working properly. It’s easy to prevent unnecessary injury by keeping your equipment in as good of shape as you are.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommend monitoring the temperature. High heat and humidity can cause illness and injury during physical activity, especially to children.

If you believe you have a sports injury, consult your Quincy chiropractor today. The specialists at Milton Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Inc. are eager to help you treat and prevent these problems.

November 19, 2013
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Chiropractor Quincy MANo one ever wants to be involved in an auto accident in Quincy, or any other location. However, when an accident occurs it is important to understand how to care for your total body health.  We understand that you might experience pain, stiffness and soreness following an auto accident, and that is where we come in.  After your auto accident in Quincy, visit our office for further treatment. 
At Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc. we will work with your individual symptoms to ensure you don’t have to live another day with pain.  Whether you have a sore neck or back pain, we have a treatment plan for you.
After your auto accident in Quincy, or surrounding areas, a member of Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation will ask you what happened during the crash.  Our chiropractor will want to know how the car was hit and at what speed, but what is important for us to know is your body’s reaction to the accident.  It is important that you let us know if you are experiencing any pain or stiffness so that we can further help you.
Delays in the onset of pain are also common.  Joint injuries in auto accidents may cause post-traumatic osteoarthritis, which is a speeding up of the arthritis process and develops at an earlier stage than in people who have not had traumas relation to car accidents.
Consulting one of our Quincy, MA chiropractors at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is always a smart move after having a auto accident in Quincy. We will work with you to treat neck injuries/whiplash, back injuries, soft tissue injuries and will help you loosen stiff muscles after the car accident occurs. 
Contact our Quincy office at (617) 471-4491 to schedule an appointment for further treatment after your auto accident.  We are available to help you live without pain after your accident.
September 23, 2013
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At Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc. we care about your experience—and not just at your first quincy chiro visitvisit with our team of Quincy chiropractors. By visiting our website we invite you to take part in our “Patient Survey.”  Through the homepage you can easily access this questionnaire to help us better understand your previous visit.
Whether you were visiting our office for pain relief from an auto accident in Quincy or surrounding areas, or if you are in search of further information about your back or neck pain, we want to know how your visit to Milton Chiropractic was.  The questionnaire is short and won’t take up much of your time, but it will greatly influence our practice.
We want to continue improving the services we offer and how we care for our patients and this patient survey will help us do just that.  To access the questionnaire directly, you can visit: As always, our team of chiropractors in Quincy love to hear from our patients, so do not hesitate to contact us and let us know!
August 22, 2013
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According to the American Chiropractic Association, backpacks are the leading cause of pain among children and adolescents.

But some local doctors are reaching out to help ease the ache.

The Doctors at Milton Chiropractic say a few simple adjustments can save your child from pain:

- Place heavy items on the bottom, close to child's back
- Padded straps are best
- Wear both shoulder straps at all times.  Use the waist or chest strap if it has one.  It helps to distribute the load.
- Carry only essentials
- Not all backpacks are the same size.  Make sure it fits the size of your child correctly. The "pack" should not be larger than the area between the base of their neck and the top of their waist.

And MIlton Chiropractic has one final tip. "You're seeing the kids and they're literally hunched over, so one of the thing that researchers have suggested is that children's backpacks should not exceed over 15% of their overall body weight." 

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