Emily Valorz, DC
 David W. Smith, DO Taunton, MD Chiropractor

Emily Valorz, DC

Taunton, MA

Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc.

Dr. Emily Valorz is the clinical director of the Taunton office.  Dr. Valorz studied at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth before attending Texas’ prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic, where she excelled in both the academic and clinical settings. 

Dr. Valorz believes in a safe, gentle and effective whole-body chiropractic approach.  She stresses the importance of chiropractic adjustments, goal setting, nutrition and exercise as a way to find health and balance in life.  In addition to spinal care, Dr. Valorz enjoys being involved in the community, lecturing on topics such as stress reduction, exercise, nutrition and backpack safety.  Dr. Valorz is an avid believer in strengthening the internal environment of the patient. She encourages her patients to live an active lifestyle and use their bodies' own natural healing abilities, so they can live happier, longer, healthier lives.  Her list of patients includes elite athletes and weekend warriors, automobile and work-related accident victims, babies and baby boomers, and people just like you who are ready to reach peak performance in all areas of life.