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February 24, 2020
Category: Chiropractic Care
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Pain that extends from your lower back into your legs may be caused by sciatica. The condition makes everything in life more complicated, from sitting at your desk at work to doing the laundry. Fortunately, your Quincy, MA, chiropractors at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation offer effective treatments that can relieve your pain. With 13 locations in Massachusetts, one of our offices is probably close to you.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when one or both of your sciatic nerves become compressed or pinched. The nerves travel from the base of your spine to your lower legs.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

You may feel sciatica pain anywhere along the path of the sciatic nerve, including the lower back, hip, buttocks, upper leg, lower leg and even the foot in some cases. Sciatica pain can be aching, dull, burning or sharp and varies from mild to severe in intensity. Some people who have sciatica report an electric shock sensation. The pain can also be accompanied by a pins-and-needles feeling and numbness or weakness in your legs or feet.

What causes sciatica?

Your risk of sciatica rises as you grow older. Aging increases the likelihood that you'll develop a herniated disc or bone spur that will press on the sciatic nerve. Sciatica pain can also occur if your spinal column becomes misaligned due to poor posture, injuries, sitting for hours or even lifting heavy objects at work. Other risk factors include obesity and diabetes.

How can my chiropractor help me?

If your symptoms don't subside after a week or worsen, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your chiropractor in Quincy, MA, or another Massachusetts location. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, he or she may recommend one or more of these treatments:

  • Ice therapy to control pain and inflammation
  • Spinal manipulation to realign your spine and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • Ultrasound therapy to ease pain and other symptoms
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to block pain impulses with a gentle electrical current

Are you tired of living with sciatica pain? Call your chiropractors at Milton Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Quincy, MA, at (617) 471-4491 to make an appointment. We offer chiropractic care at our West Roxbury, Brockton, Taunton, Dorchester, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, North Dartmouth, and Quincy, MA, offices.

By Milton Chiropractic
November 18, 2019
Category: Chiropractic Care
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If you’ve been in a car accident, you already know how hard on your body it can be. While you may not feel symptoms at first, days later, you could be laying in immense pain. One of the most common and painful issues associated with auto accidents is whiplash. Fortunately, your chiropractor can help minimize the symptoms of whiplash and get you on the road to feeling better!

Here at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Quincy, Boston, Raynham, Stoughton, North Dartmouth, Norwell, Taunton, Brockton, Attleboro, Somerset, Kingston, and Weymouth, MA, your team of chiropractors is happy to offer effective whiplash treatments to help you feel better—read on to learn more!

More about Whiplash

Whiplash occurs because your neck is suddenly whipped back and forth. There are other forms of trauma that can cause whiplash besides auto accidents. You can also experience whiplash from a sports accident.

You may have whiplash if you experience severe pain in your neck, especially when you try to turn your head. The pain can be sharp and radiating, or it can be a dull ache. If you think that you might have whiplash, you can try these simple tips at home:

  • Placing ice or heat on your neck several times during the day
  • Resting for the first 24 hours after your injury
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medication

According to the Mayo Clinic, you can also try these gentle exercises:

  • Rolling your shoulders
  • Bending your neck to your chest
  • Rotating your neck to the right and left
  • Tilting your head from side to side

For moderate-to-severe cases of whiplash, it’s best to visit a chiropractor. Here at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we may suggest a combination of effective therapies, which can include:

  • Manual manipulation, which uses gentle pressure on affected joints to relieve swelling, pain, and tension; this technique can improve both joint function and range-of-motion.
  • Electrical stimulation, which uses a device emitting slight electrical pulses to affected areas; this technique increases blood flow to reduce muscle pain and stiffness.

Contact Us

Don’t let whiplash symptoms keep you from enjoying your life. Get help today by calling the chiropractors at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Quincy, Boston, Raynham, Stoughton, North Dartmouth, Norwell, Taunton, Brockton, Attleboro, Somerset, Kingston, and Weymouth, MA.

July 19, 2019
Category: Chiropractic Care

How your chiropractors in Boston, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, and Quincy, MA, can help your injuries.

Have you been in an auto accident that left you with an injury? Being in an auto accident can be a terrifying experience, and the impact it car-accidentcan have on your life may be extreme. Fortunately, the staff here at Milton Chiropractic in Boston, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, and Quincy, MA, are your local experts on auto accident injuries.


What types of injuries are common from auto accidents?

Some of the most typical injuries resulting from car accidents are:

  • Stiffness in your shoulders, hips, neck, or back
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal pain
  • Leg numbness
  • Bruising

Whiplash is probably the most common of all, and can result in the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in the shoulders, arms, neck, and back


Can chiropractic care help auto accident injuries?

Yes, chiropractic treatment may offer patients pain relief and healing without the need for prescription pain killers. Using treatments like spinal adjustment and muscle stimulation, your Quincy chiropractor can help alleviate auto accident pain.

Through consistent treatment, not only can chiropractic care alleviate pain, but it can also help restore mobility more quickly than traditional medical treatments.


What if I don't feel pain after an auto accident?

Symptoms of injuries like whiplash may not be noticed right away after an accident. A change in speed as slight as 3 mph may result in injury, so it is recommended to seek a chiropractic evaluation even if no pain is present. After all, the sooner you seek treatment, the better.


Contact us now!

If you have been in an auto accident, a chiropractic evaluation can help avoid years of unwanted medical treatments and medications. Call Milton Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment in Boston, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, and Quincy, MA

April 08, 2019
Category: Chiropractic Care
Tags: Sports Injuries  

Need a chiropractor to help out with sports injuries?

Sports are fun, but unfortunately, they always pose the risk of injury, especially when it comes to pastimes like football, weightlifting, sports injurygymnastics, and wrestling. If you have experienced an injury participating in sports, you could most likely benefit from the chiropractic services of Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc. With locations in Boston, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, and Quincy, MA, your local chiropractors are here to help!


Common sports injuries that we can treat:

At all of our locations (Boston, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, and Quincy) we can provide you with the care that you need to get back in the game!

We specialize in serving several conditions, including those sustained in:

  • Tennis: Tennis players suffer from something called "Tennis elbow." This occurs when the tendon in the elbow bone tears. Due to the sport's requirement of constant motion, tennis players also suffer from a number of other issues including shoulder injuries, disc compressions, and lower back hyperextension.
  • Bicycling: Poor posture can greatly increase your risk of a back injury while cycling. Both your lower and upper back are susceptible to these problems.
  • Golf: While golfing, the swift movements involved in the swing could lead to the common injuries of muscle sprains and lower back strain.
  • Swimming: If you're a swimmer, you might suffer from lower back injuries and hyperextension in the lumbar area.



Sports are a great way to stay fit and have fun, but if you're not careful, you may suffer from serious injuries. If you have questions and would like more information about sports injury treatments, you can contact the doctors at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc., located in Boston, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, Kingston, Stoughton, Norwell, and Quincy, MA!

December 28, 2018
Category: Chiropractic Care
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Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, you know how frightening it is and the uncertain. Even low-speed collisions canCar Accident leave you in pain for months to years. At Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, your team of chiropractors see scores of auto accident patients in their 10 locations, Quincy, MA, included. These doctors can help you recover from your pain and reduced mobility to make you feel and act like yourself again.

After the ER

Your post-accident visits to the hospital and primary care physician show that you're pretty banged up, but functioning. However, you worry that as the days go on, your initial pain and limited range of motion will only worsen, or that your initial examinations may have missed something important.

At Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, your team of experienced chiropractic doctors see whiplash as the most common injury associated with auto accidents in both Quincy and across the country. In fact, Palmer College of Chiropractic reports that 300,000 whiplash injuries occur the United States every year. That's a lot of lost time from work, family, and day to day activities!

How Your Chiropractor Can Help:

As soon as possible after a car accident, contact Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation for a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation which will include:

  • A review of your medical history and current symptoms
  • Muscular and orthopedic tests to determine your range of motion, spinal alignment, muscle strength, and more to weeks
  • X-rays, lab work, and CT scans or MRIs as needed

With this information, your chiropractor can pinpoint the reasons for your symptoms and advise you on the least invasive ways to reduce pain, avoid or decrease scar formation, and alleviate stiffness and reduced range of motion, all without prescription drugs or surgery.
Your customized treatment plan may include:

  • Targeted strengthening exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal manipulation to correct subluxations (misalignments of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae)
  • Massage therapy

In addition, you should know that many auto accident victims have soft tissue injuries which remain hidden for a few days and then become symptomatic. Early chiropractic evaluation and treatment detects tears in ligaments, muscles, and tendons while also promoting both early and long-term healing.

Hurting After a Car Accident?
We can help you at Milton Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. For a personalized evaluation and treatment plan, please contact one of our 10 conveniently located offices across Massachusetts, including Quincy, West Roxbury, Brockton, Dorchester, Attleboro, Taunton, Weymouth, Somerset, Raynham, and Kingston. You'll be seen by an experienced and compassionate chiropractic doctor who will put you on the path to total wellness and mobility.